Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Stopping Clinical Trials

Unveiling the Challenges: Top Reasons for Terminating Clinical Trials

Reason for StoppingCount
Lack of funding237
Slow accrual230
Sponsor decision205
Lack of enrollment154
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Unlocking the unknown

Understanding the reasons behind the termination of clinical trials is crucial for the advancement of medical research. In a recent analysis of the top 5 most common reasons for stopping clinical trials, lack of funding emerged as the primary cause, accounting for 53% of the cases. This highlights the financial challenges faced by researchers in their quest for groundbreaking discoveries. Slow accrual was another significant factor, contributing to 26% of trial terminations. This emphasizes the importance of efficient recruitment strategies to ensure timely completion of studies. Sponsor decisions accounted for 22% of the cases, underscoring the influence of external stakeholders in the fate of clinical trials. Additionally, lack of enrollment was responsible for 14% of the terminations, indicating the need for improved patient engagement and participation. These findings shed light on the complex landscape of clinical trials and call for increased support and collaboration to overcome the obstacles that hinder medical progress.

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National Library of Medicine,

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Date published
19 Oct 2023