Distribution of Clinical Trials by Overall Status

A Comprehensive Look at the Distribution of Clinical Trials by Overall Status

Overall StatusNumber of Clinical Trials
Unknown status64446
Not yet recruiting19686
Active, not recruiting19403
Enrolling by invitation3881
No longer available439
Approved for marketing196
Temporarily not available27
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Unveiling the hidden dimensions of data

A Comprehensive Look at the Distribution of Clinical Trials by Overall Status

Clinical trials play a crucial role in advancing medical research and improving patient care. They provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and safety of new treatments and interventions. To gain a better understanding of the current landscape, we analyzed a dataset of clinical trials and created a chart showcasing the distribution of trials by overall status.

The chart reveals some fascinating trends. The majority of trials, approximately 63%, have been completed, indicating a significant amount of research has reached its conclusion. Recruiting trials make up around 16% of the total, highlighting the ongoing efforts to find participants for new studies.

Interestingly, a considerable number of trials have an unknown status, accounting for approximately 15% of the dataset. This suggests a need for improved tracking and reporting mechanisms to ensure transparency and facilitate data analysis.

Other notable categories include terminated trials (8%), trials not yet recruiting (6%), and active trials that are not recruiting (5%). These findings shed light on the various stages of clinical research and the challenges researchers face in different phases.

It's important to note that the dataset used for this analysis may contain missing values, as indicated by the 'Unknown status' category. This emphasizes the need for standardized reporting practices to ensure accurate and comprehensive data collection.

Overall, this chart provides a valuable snapshot of the distribution of clinical trials by overall status. It underscores the importance of ongoing research, the challenges faced by researchers, and the need for transparency and standardized reporting practices in the field of clinical trials.

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National Library of Medicine, ClincalTrials.gov

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Date published
19 Oct 2023